Expert Database

Expert Database

The Project Management Agency – part of the German Aerospace Center (PT-DLR) is a research funding organisation supporting the Federal Ministry of Education and Reserach (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi), along with other Federal Ministries, in the implementation of programme-related project funding. It carries out the specifications of its principals competently and swiftly, thus supporting the acquisition and utilisation of scientific knowledge and technological progress.

PT-DLR has many years of experience in project management. We are particularly skilled in high quality call management:

Not only based on our work at national level, but also in facilitating transnational calls on European level, PT-DLR is involved in over 10 active ERA-NET/ERA Cofund projects, and coordinates four of the projects.

For instance, we manage transnational calls and projects under the European Research Framework Programmes Horizon 2020 as well as national calls and take over secretariat functionalities such as expert reviews (one and two–stage approach).

Besides on our Electronic Proposal System (PT-Proposal) PT-DLR developed its own expert database ( having more than 4,500 independent scientific experts in various fields.

To pursue an independent international review process for calls, we developed the


Before starting an evaluation process, registered experts will be informed about the general call content and review conditions (further details see procedure). Experts can decline evaluation any time. Usually one expert receives up to 3-5 proposals/call. Meanwhile we have around 4,500 experts in our database from various disciplines.

The matching process is undertaken by PT-DLR with an independent, electronic matching mechanism (based on impartial selection criteria) fulfilling the objective to guarantee a high quality rate of peer review. The results of the peer review evaluation form the basis for the funding decision within the respective European Framework Programme.

If you are interest please join the Expertdatabase and register here:

Role and Responsibilities in the Evaluation of Proposals

1. Independence and confidentiality of evaluators
Evaluators are required to commit themselves by a “Declaration of Acceptance of Rules for Evaluators through” towards the Project Management Agency PT-DLR, stating that they will confirm with the principles outlined therein and will follow the rules and procedures set by PT-DLR. This includes keeping all information gained during the evaluation process confidential and not retaining (or copying) any materials that pertain to proposals or the evaluation. Evaluators shall not contact any person connected to a proposal that they have received for evaluation.

Evaluators having a link with a proposal are not allowed to participate in its evaluation and are required to declare such linkages. Similarly, an evaluator shall abstain from evaluating any proposal where s/he has any vested interest in its success or failure.

Evaluators must acknowledge such links or vested interest as soon as possible. If they have a conflict of interest in any of the proposals, evaluators are obliged to immediately inform PT-DLR and to abstain from the evaluation of the proposals concerned.

2. Basic principles of the evaluation

  • All proposals shall be treated equally;
  • Evaluators will only receive proposals that have been checked by the joint call secretariat for their compliance with formal eligibility criteria;
  • All proposals received by the evaluators shall be completely evaluated and evaluators shall carry out a compliance check for content, for ethical principles, that the research is not of commercial or military character. In all cases of non-compliance, the reasons are to be indicated;
  • Each proposal shall be assessed only on the basis of the evaluation criteria published in the ‘information package’;
  • The evaluation of a proposal shall be based solely upon the information contained in the proposal;
  • All those involved in the evaluation of proposals must be impartial and shall abstain from evaluating/commenting upon proposals for which there is a conflict of interest;
  • Evaluators shall evaluate proposals belonging to their broader domain of expertise;
  • Evaluators must be able to work in the English language.

3. Remuneration for evaluators

Remuneration for the evaluators depends on the specific call. If experts deal with national calls, participation is voluntarily and hence will not be remunerated. In some cases within transnational calls remuneration can be paid (if this is the case, it will be subject to the respective guidelines provided by the responsible policy officers at PT-DLR). Payments will be made after the closure of the evaluation period, based on a Payment Request signed by the evaluator and sent to PT-DLR (by fax and followed by the original by air mail).

How to register as an evaluator at the expertdatabase?

For successful registration please follow these steps:

1. use this web-address for registration and enter your email-address:
2. Afterwards we will send you a password.
3. Please use that password and your user name (email-address) for logging in (on the same page).
4. Please fill out the required fields (takes approx. 10 minutes).
5. Your registration is completed if all green boxes in the headline are filled out and the last field "data privacy" is checked by you. (Note: for completion you will not receive an additional email or statement.)

If any questions occur, please do not hesitate to contact the help desk by email or telephone.

Declaration of Acceptance

  1. If called upon, I will carry out the evaluation of the proposals according to the terms and conditions in the document "Expert Database" Rules for Evaluators - Role and Responsibilities in the Evaluation of Proposals” and according to the guidelines for evaluators which will be prepared by PT-DLR before the evaluation process and which will complement the aforementioned document.
  2. I confirm that I am able to evaluate proposals in the scientific field that I have specified in my application, to be able to work in the English language, and to write assessments in English. I confirm also that I have more than five years of active research experience.
  3. I will not disclose information about anybody/anything, who/which becomes known to me during the evaluation of proposals upon my selection by PT-DLR as an evaluator. Any copies of proposals or related non-public documents required for the evaluation will be kept secure in order to protect them from access by third parties and will either be returned to PT-DLR or destroyed after the completion of the evaluation.
  4. I will neither seek nor take instructions from any government, authority, person, institution or body outside PT-DLR concerning the proposals I evaluate. At no time will I make or attempt to make contact with any person connected to a proposal that I have received for evaluation.
  5. I will abstain from the evaluation of any project in whose outcome I have a personal interest, in which I am involved or to which I am linked; namely, that I am employed by the same company, university, research institute or organisation as one of the proposers or that I am related with one of the proposers such that my independence in the assessment might be thought to be impaired. I will inform PT-DLR immediately about any such proposals submitted to me for evaluation.
  6. I accept that failure to comply with these undertakings will be a breach of the agreed terms, might lead to my exclusion from the evaluation and may render me liable. PT-DLR might reduce or exclude remuneration in the event of non-conformity with the agreed terms of the evaluation. I will promptly notify PT-DLR about any circumstances which materially affect the fulfilment of obligations assigned to me in an evaluation accepted by me, including delays in the assessment of proposals allocated to me.
  7. This agreement shall be governed and interpreted exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. All disputes which cannot be amicably settled shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of the juridical county of Bonn, Germany.
  8. I authorise PT-DLR to maintain this information in its Evaluators database and to use it for the PT-DLR internal procedures. I take note that I have permanent access to these data and will update them whenever appropriate. I accept that PT-DLR will give its best efforts to protect the data against any unauthorised access and to keep such information confidential, but shall not be held liable if third parties arrange access to the data by measures beyond the reasonable control of PT-DLR.